Monday, May 31, 2010

Wisconsin State Parks

This summer we bought a WI State Park Sticker.
For $25.00 we can visit any state park!
The stickers run for a calendar we have
until December 31st.

High Cliff State Park
29 May 2010 Saturday
This was our first park visit. We had been to
High Cliff a number of times in the past, but

wanted to go back for a day in the sun on the
water and a hike through the woods.
First a few words about Lake Winnebago
near High Cliff - there are clearly contamination
issues creating an ongoing problem in this lake.
It did not smell good and the shore was covered with
small shells. I truly did not want my daughter to
swim in the lake. She was allowed to wade and gather shell...but that was the extent of our lake experience at High Cliff. The walk on the trails was nice and a stroll along the butterfly trail was wonderful for my younger daughter and me.
Not so sure we will rush to return to High Cliff this summer. Will check out the water quality on the DNR website and post the evaluation.

Point Beach State Forest
30 May 2010 Sunday
This was the first time we visited Point Beach State Forest. It was a lovely surprise! The stretch of sandy, sand dune beach was wonderful! The water was beautiful and chrystal blue clear. The wind is strong off of Lake Michigan, but the great lake gives one a feeling of being at the sea shore...and up at Point Beach, north of Milwaukee, the wate seemed clean and very swim-able. My younger daughter swam all afternoon. There is a sandbar right off of the shore and so one can wade out quite a distance. The camping accomodations seem decent and there is a cute snack house. A historic lighthouse makes a picturesque great lake landscape. Would definitely return - as often as possible. On the day before Memorial Day, the beach was not crowded. When we left home the temperature was 90 degrees, at Point Beach it was warmish - given the breeze/wind off of the lake. Wonderful park!

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